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2020 Academy sessions have been cancelled

testimonials from the 2019 session


What was your favorite aspect of the Academy?

"Working with the band and really seeing the process."

"I loved learning Pro Tools and getting to mix music"

"Hands-on experience"

"i couldn’t have asked for a more fun and educational week. it was such an amazing experience, making music and friends at the same time."

Did the camp meet your expectations?

"No, it exceeded them"

"I was expecting it to be way too hard, but you all were very great (and patient) teachers."

"It was so much better than I thought it was going to be!"

What was the best thing you learned?

"The whole process of making a song"

"How to use Pro Tools to edit and cut tracks"

"How to mix a song"

"The editing and mixing part was really cool!"

Was there anything you'd like to change about the academy?

"There is nothing I would change"

"Make the camp longer!"

"Add another week"

What is your overall assessment of camp?

"I loved it. The small group made it very easy to learn."

"You wouldn't get the same experience with a big group."

"This camp is amazing, taught me so much, and this memory will always be in my heart."

"Five stars!"

"I loved it so much"

"Last week was honestly the best week of my life."

What advice would you have for anyone considering attending the All Access Academy?

"I would tell them 100% to do it!"

"Make friends and don't be scared to try new things"

"It's a great way to gain experience and learn more about being a producer."

"The camp was amazing. I'm gonna be back!"


"Mr. Merchant, thank you for giving [my son] the opportunity to participate in this week’s All Access music program. He had an unforgettable time! You’ve definitely ignited a fire in him. And for that we are grateful! Hope to stay in touch with you. Have a great summer!"



"I know my daughter told you how wonderful this camp was.  I wanted to further reiterate how fantastic this camp was.  Since it was the first year, i don’t think a lot of people knew about it.  They had a limit of 12 students and only had 8 there.  If there is a student interested in this field at all, I would highly encourage them to attend.  I sent [my daughter] as a way to confirm her interest in this field or if she she consider other avenues. 

"Every student left loving Professor Merchant.  He encouraged each student in their own way, recognizing each one’s strengths and contributions to the week.  It allowed the students to see what working in a professional studio is all about.  He also allowed them to record two songs from start to finish.  Each student was allowed to then mix the song individually as to they preferred.  It was all hands on learning.  All the students left, saying they were coming back again next year too! 

"Please pass this on to the others or even the county system as a whole.  This is a real world opportunity for students considering this field as a major in college.  

Thank you!"